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April 16 - DA 55cc Gas, my winter project from short kit new covering from balsa USA - Bill S photos

BS_04-16-20_1   BS_04-16-20_2

February 29th - Work Party - John Risbrough photos

Good evening all. We had a very productive work party today. Our mission was to clean up and organize our mower storage shed, and we did just that. Mike got the field opened up this morning to get things started. I was second to arrive, so Mike and I started moving stuff out the shed to make room for the upgrade. Rod rolled in after me and spent some time installing a handicap parking sign for SAM. Thanks so much, I am sure he will appreciate it. After a bit of Prep Bill Schneider brought some great breakfast burritos and hash browns which Rod heated up and did the serving. Good eats! Bill Spencer donated several sheets of pegboard to hang all our tools as well as some plywood to make shelves in our existing cabinet. Spence and Rod also donated a bunch of metal pegboard tool organizers which worked out great. Mike, Spence and Glenn went to town on the tool hanging which looks awesome.  I think just about everybody brought something to contribute. It was a great effort by these guys, and the mover shed looks great. Thank them when you see them. Mike @ Rod will put the finishing touches on our tool selection. Check out our website for a couple of pics that I took. Thanks to all the guys that attended. We are off to a great start this year, with only a few maintenance items left on our list to do when things dry up a bit. A great season is ahead of us. See you all soon.
Your Prez......................John Risbrough

JR_02-29-20_1  JR_02-29-20_2 JR_02-29-20_3 JR_02-29-20_4   JR_02-29-20_5

February 25 - Meeting and Show and tell

02-25-20_m1   02-25-20_m2   02-25-20_s1   02-25-20_s2    


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