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Khoi Tran passed this along Dec 15, 2013

above link is video showing how to apply flite metal on rc plane.

Warbird Primer - Part 1 - by Khoi Tran

Part 2 - Warbird Flying Tips - by Khoi Tran

Contribution from Bill Schneider -
"I have been using the Vanessa machine for a long time it works on any size plane and wing configuration."   Vanessa CG Machine

Following is a link started by an RC expert in Gas/Glow fuel mixture I found on RCU.  It is a unique way to run large glow engines with a mixture of gasoline, rather than having to convert that big glow engine to gas exclusively, hence requiring ignition system. - Khoi -  http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_8009384/mpage_1/key_/tm.htm

Dual rates and Expo for 12 FG model. -  Instructions on how to set up Dual Rates and Expo for Futaba 12 FG that are not included in the manual.  I got this from Futaba support forum.  It's very useful for those that have the 12FG.

Engines Specs -  for side by side comparison

Gas Engine Mounting  -  Article that shows you how to center your gasser easily and make "custom" wood standoffs.

How to Trim an RC Plane  -  Instructions on how to trim a plane. From a Great Planes Patriot XL manual

Servos Specs -  for side by side comparison

Here is a web site that has Calculator that helps you figure out how much oil to add for any Oil Gas mixture:
Here is a web site that has Calculator for Grams to Ounces conversion:
Here is web site Calculator for figuring out CG for that mystery aircraft:
Below are the instructions for making an Engine Baffle for those big gassers: 

How to fiberglass your aircraft with polyurethane resin:
Here is a great article that shows you how to paint your model with household Latex paint:
http://www.wyliewarbirds.com/howto/paint/latexpaint.pdf  (part 1)
http://www.wyliewarbirds.com/howto/paint/latexpaint2.pdf  (part 2)

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